UPDATE:: The tags were reunited with their owner!

These dog tags were found on the shore of Lake Ontario, and now the finder wants to reunite them with their rightful owner.

Joelle says she was walking along the shore of Lake Ontario when she came across these dog tags. The tags belonged to a Stanley Gleba, and were to be returned to Mrs F Gleba of Rome, in the even something happened to Mr. Gleba.

Joelle posted the photo on her Facebook page, and commented surmised that the tags date from the World War II era. While it's possible that Stanley Gleba is no longer with us, perhaps his family is still in the Rome area - or someone from there knows the family.

Wouldn't it be fantastic to see this one in a million find be reunited with Stanley's family. If you have any information, you can connect with Joelle on Facebook. Let's hope these dog tags get back to where they belong.


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