Mary Had a Little Lamb, but she (or he) left it at a Central New York store, and now store employees are trying to get the little lamb home.

Several people have shared the photo of this clearly well-loved lost stuffed toy in the hopes of reuniting it with its owner. The toy was found at the Dollar Tree store in Rome, in Freedom Plaza, near Tops. Employees are keeping it safe until it's claimed by its owner. There's no doubt that someone is missing this little guy. This toy has been so loved that it's missing half of its fur, and looks like its been hugged quite a bit.

You can help bring this little lamb home by sharing this post as much as you can - if this belongs to a little kid, you know mom (or dad) has been looking for it all day long. I hope no tears have been shed. This little lamb needs to get home to its rightful owner.


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