Marc Yezzi is a popular server at The Colonial, one of the coolest restaurant-pubs in Binghamton, just a stone's throw from Central New York. Marc Yezzi is a stalwart for the Binghamton Barbarians Rugby Club. Marc Yezzi is also an aspiring supermodel. Sort of.

He's aiming to win a contest to become the next "Man Model" for a line of lifestyle clothing named Chubbies. And currently he's doing extremely well. He's among the top 20 vote-getters worldwide, the game is heading into the homestretch, and he could use our help. In fact, you can vote for him on the contest page right here.

That page also affords a glimpse of all of Yezzi's lame competition. Hell, vote for Marc just to make sure those other dorks don't win.

Exactly why does Marc "Stache" Yezzi deserve the honor of traveling the world to represent Chubbies? In his own words "I'm the perfect mix of grease, thigh, and personality. Ready to bless the world with these sweet ham hocks, and spread the love of what Chubbies is all about."

Yezzi made the top 20 out of a field of thousands of entrants. The contest ends May 19th. Vote for "The Stache."


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