It seems ages ago that you signed up for the 2014 Boilermaker and now it's almost here. Whether you're an experienced runner or a novice, try these tips for a better run during the 2014 Boilermaker on Sunday July 13th.

No matter what your race goal is, to finish the race or set a personal record, remember to have fun too and let the crowds pump you up. Should you need medical attention, get it. That's what they're there for.

Tips For First Time Boilermaker Runners:

1.  Talk to the people running around you. People come from all over to run the Boilermaker. You can meet some interesting people and keep each other motivated when the going gets tough.

2. Have fun. It's your first Boilermaker. Think of it as a fun run not a race.

3. When you're dragging, the crowds and entertainment along the course will you keep you motivated.

4. Stay hydrated. Often race day is hot and humid. Drink plenty of water. You don't want to end up in the medical tent.

5. Don't start out too fast. Keep a good steady pace so you don't burn out.

6. Stretch. Do stretches before the race starts and after.

7. Have fun and when you're finished, congratulate yourself on running 9.3 miles. Way to go!

 Boilermaker Tips For Experienced Runners:

1. Get to the start line early and loosen up.

2. Do a light run before the race starts. Ideally, run a mile with half of it at your expected race pace.

3. Drink up. Hydrate well before the race with small, slow sips. You definitely don't want to be downing a huge bottle of water quickly right before the race starts.

4. Do the first 5k at a slower pace and once you're heading downhill out of the golf course, pick up the pace for the second half of the race.

Here's to another successful Boilermaker run!