If you're someone who has a real Christmas tree, I'm sure you also know the responsibility that comes with that. It's VERY important to water it enough. I mean, life or death important.

It might not seem like something that's a big deal, but it is. The U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission issued its yearly warning of the dangers of not watering your Christmas tree during the holiday.

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“Many people have real Christmas trees in their homes for the first time ever this holiday season,” the agency tweeted. “Make sure you keep your tree well watered. A dry Christmas tree burns faster than newspaper.”

Tips For Watering Your Christmas Tree

If you have a real Christmas tree in your home, here's some things your need to consider when it comes to the amount of water your tree will need. (Thanks to Old World Christmas)

  • Choose the right stand - The stand should fit your tree, not the other way around. Don’t shave the outer bark off the bottom of the tree to make it fit.
  • Big trees need more water - Make sure your tree has a large enough reservoir to hold 1 quart of water per inch of diameter. That’s about a gallon for most trees.
  • Fresh is best - If the tree has been cut longer than 12 hours, cut a quarter inch off the bottom before placing in stand.
  • Don't use a v-cut - At the base of the tree, a flat cut is better for both stability and water absorption. This reduces the amount of water the tree base absorbs.
  • Check water levels often - You will probably need to add water daily for at least the first week as fresh cut trees can absorb a gallon of water a day!
  • Maintain proper H2O levels - Make sure the water level is above the base of the tree at all times.

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