Did you know that the Saint Peter and Paul Orthodox Church of Herkimer has sold over 15,000 cookbooks internationally?

According to Amazon, the book is filled with over 2000 recipes and 637 pages. It's called Recipes Bless the Heart and Home:

Over 2000 recipes and 637 pages divided into 25 convenient sections Affordable Ingredients --divided into 25 convenient sections Affordable Ingredients -- easy to find and usually on hand Recipes for every meal and every day of the week 76 pages of vegetable recipes and an index to vegan recipes Well-tested, effortless recipes with something to please every palate Helpful hints for the novice - a joy of discovery for the experienced cook.

This cookbook was created by the men and women of the Saints Peter and Paul Community in East Herkimer. The goal of the book was to pull these recipes together to preserve the customs and traditions taught by their grandparents as they established homes in America.

According to CNY Homepage, the book is organized with 25 sections of options to cook or bake, and all you need is the ingredients:

“So if you had apples, you would look in the fruit section and there would be a whole section of apple recipes so this was true for fruits from apples to strawberries to asparagus to zucchini.”"

While the book was created by a few members of Russian heritage, dozens of ethnically diverse foods can be found inside the book.

It serves to teach and to preserve customs that enhance the yearly cycle of festivities, and provides a legacy not only to their children and grandchildren but also to all who open its pages and share the love with which they labored to bring this classic cookbook to fruition."

You can read more online here.

Spring Bazaar and Ethnic Food Sale

Saint Peter and Paul Orthodox Church is hosting a Spring Bazaar and Ethnic Food Sale on Saturday March 27th from 11AM - 2PM. The event will be drive through only this year and will feature Pierogies, Cabbage Rolls, Borscht, Cookie Platters, Poppy Seed Nut rolls, Braided Egg Bread, Olivye, and Fudge. You can learn more on Facebook.

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