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The Herkimer Police Benevolent Association took to Facebook recently to defend the department's issuing of parking tickets to cars parked at expired meters.

Saying the PBA had gotten wind of business owners who blamed the police for ticketing cars at expired meters, the PBA explained they were doing nothing more than enforcing the laws of the village:

Writing parking tickets is part of our job description, we enforce parking laws in the village. Whether you agree with the meters or not, the Village has them. The PBA would suggest that if you have a gripe with the meters or receiving parking tickets, you attend a board meeting and speak your peace to the Village Board as they have the power to change these local laws.

One commentor on the Herkimer PBA's post noted that several meters in the village are not operational and that creates an inequitable situation were cars can park un-ticketed at broken meters but a car at an expired meter will face a parking ticket.

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[Herkimer PBA on Facebook]