We sat down with the owners of Awesome Monkey Productions (AMP), Mark and Anna Casadei, and they tell us their vision of the horror movie "Murder Hill."

Production is set to start filming in May 2016 in Rome. This shoot will be minimal and only focusing on specific scenes for a trailer. At this time, extras will not be used. But, can you keep a secret? We have something exciting in the works. All we can say is start practicing your 'blood-curdling scream.' Keep it tuned to this station; we'll be the first to know when extras and other positions need to be filled.

Tom Proctor is scheduled to star in the movie as well as David McDivitt. Follow the links and take a look at the shows and movies they've performed in. Impressive.

Mark and Anna of AMP go into detail of how the horror movie will be loosely based on 'Potato Hill' events, and will fictionalizing certain events that are rumored to have happened. This is not a documentary. They may even go more in the urban legends that surround the story.

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