It's hard to believe how your phone that's supposed to be so smart could potentially get you into so much trouble. That's what's happening with iPhones and Netflix accounts here in Central New York and around the world.

High tech criminals are hitting folks where they live (on their phones) and where they play (on their Netflix accounts), and stealing important personal information.

Here's what to look for:

First, take a close look at any incoming email. The suspicious emails are all designed to grab your attention with regard to the the billing of your account. Then, you are instructed to "update" your account and given a link to a Login page.

These links and these Login pages are fakes, even though they may appear to be legitimate with the official-looking Netflix logo.

And here's how to react:

Make sure to report the suspicious email directly to Netflix, which says its company never sends out email requesting that you resolve a billing issue. If you have already clicked on one of these bogus links, you are encouraged to change your Netflix password, and alert your corresponding bank immediately.


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