As a guy I’m allowed to say this, we have certain skills that make it seem effortless to irritate women. It’s just a fact. What do we do that drives you nuts?

Here are some things guys do to annoy their women according to

  • Leaving empty containers around the house. (I tend to do this a lot!)
  • Using 10 drinking glasses a day instead of one. (Which guy doesn’t do this?)
  • Leaving dirty laundry on the floor all over the house. (That’s what the floor next to the basket is floor!)
  • Not doing any housework. (Who doesn’t love shoveling!)
  • Burping often  (I don’t.. BURP…. that much!)
  • Begging for attention when sick. (plllleeeaaassseeee make me some soup I’m sick!)
  • Channel surfing rapidly. (Click, click, click, American Pickers.. STAY)

What do men do that drive you nuts?