New York may have its share of problems, but we sure do excel at one aspect of daily life. We're good at energy conservation.

New York State ranks #1 on WalletHub's list of 2018's Most & Least Energy-Efficient States. Wallethub says it gauged "the efficiency of auto- and home-energy consumption in 48 U.S. states." Interestingly, Hawaii and Alaska didn't factor into the survey, due to a lack of data. What's the deal with THAT? They don't keep stats on energy usage in those two states?

In any case, The Empire State ranked #3 in Home Energy Efficiency and #2 in Automobile Energy Efficiency. Those scores added up to a first place overall score.

How did we do it? By watching our total residential energy consumption and the gallons of gasoline we use for our cars.

The average American spends about $4,000 annually on utilities and car fuel costs combined. We spend less in New York. How much do YOU spend here in Central New York?

Vermont and Utah are right behind New York in the rankings. The bottom three are Alabama, Louisiana and South Carolina, which sits in dead last place--but which is an incredibly beautiful place.


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