February 14th is fast approaching. And the pressure is ramping up as we get closer to Valentine's Day.

For some folks, however, it's just the opposite. They don't sweat the details near February 14th, because they consider themselves "anti-Valentine's Day." The movement is growing and is usually celebrated on either February 13th, February 15th...or both. There's a whole bunch of activities, websites and gifts dedicated to snarky anti-Valentine's Day fun for that no-so-special someone on your list. Just kidding, anti-Valentine's Day may be just the ticket for SOME loving couples. Here are some ideas:

Host a party. Just make sure to use any colors BUT pink and red. And get a heart-shaped piñata your friends can take a whack at.

Sell your jewelry. One website called NeverLikedItAnyway.com, is centered around the concept of selling stuff you got from an ex, or buying the same from someone else.

Buy gifts. Some of the creative gifts out there include candy hearts with phrases like #No, Swipe Left, Not 4 U, and even Drop Dead, instead of traditional favorites like Be Mine. There are also t-shirts bearing the phrase V is for Valentine's Vodka. And there's a packet of stickers with phrases like Fries Before Guys and Cupid Repellent.

Which camp are you in for Valentine's Day?

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