With retailers rapidly selling out of the new PlayStation 5 as soon as they're restocked, here's how to know when they're available again and in stock.

The Sun put together a helpful list of pointers that will only let you know when a product becomes available, not that you're getting the best deal.

Here's what they recommend to boost your chances of getting your hands on sold-out toys in general:

1) Sign Up For Email and Text Alerts

Get alerts sent to your email when an item is back in stock directly from the retailer.

Amazon shoppers can click the "alert me" box next to a product if it's out of stock. Click "sign up" and you'll be sent an e-mail when the item becomes available again. Argos will alert shoppers when a particular item is back in stock at your nearest branch."



2) Set Up Alerts With A Stock Checker

Have you ever heard of a stock checker online tool? We aren't talking about stocks on Wallstreet either. These tools monitor different retailers to find out when a product is available to buy again.

Some will send a push notification to your phone when the product you're monitoring comes back into stock, while others will send you an email."

Keep in mind, stock checkers don't tend to monitor every retailer. You'll need to register your interest directly with a store if it's not included on the stock checker list.


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3) Follow The Right Twitter Accounts

@PS5UKStock monitors the discussion on PS5s from other users and shared them with their own followers. @Ps5Instant - uses bots and information from other users to track when PS5s are back in the UK. It's also worth keeping an eye out on popular hashtags on Twitter


4) More Tips

You can read more of the tips from The Sun directly here.


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