If you're looking to go underground, just a short drive from the Utica area to the Albany area, Howe Caverns has announced their 2021 season.

They broke the news on their Facebook page excited to be opening back up to the public on Friday May 14th.

We will be open every Wednesday, Thursday, Friday, Saturday, and Sunday 10a-3p (May 14th-July 1st)

Memorial Day weekend hours will be:
Friday (5/28): 10a-3p
Saturday (5/29): 9a-5p
Sunday (5/30): 9a-5p
Monday (5/31): 10a-3p

Looking ahead to summer time, starting Friday July 2nd, Howe Caverns will be open daily 10AM - 5PM. Also apart of the announcement, as of Monday, May 10th, the Howe Caverns Motel will be open daily. The Howe Glassworks and Howe High Adventure will not be opening this season, but the escape room, Howe to Escape, will be available by reservation only.

As of now, we plan to proceed with both Naked In a Cave (Sept 18th) and the Haunted Cave Tour (October), as scheduled.

Starting May 1st 2021, a brand new online ticketing system will be available to schedule and purchase Traditional Cave Tour Tickets only.

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Looking For Work?

Howe Caverns is currently hiring for the 2021 season. If you'd like to work at the world famous caves, you can download an application from their website howecaverns.com and submit to reception@howecaverns.com

Quick History

According to the Howe Caverns website, scientists believe nature began to slowly craft Howe Caverns some six million years ago. This was during the Cretaceous period of Earth’s early history some 65-136 million years ago. Read the full history here.

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