We're getting closer to spring, which means ice cream places all over Central New York are starting to announce when they'll open for the 2017 season.

We've contacted a bunch of places that serve ice cream in the area to find out when their opening date is for "Ice Cream Season." Obviously, we haven't contacted them ALL (we would still be collecting information seeing as there are so many places for ice cream in the area), but we did get a hold of quite a few of them... Here's what we've got (so far):

Nicky Doodle's in Rome: This Saturday (March 11th)

Nicky Doodle's in North Utica: This Saturday (March 11th)

The Ice Cream Factory in Chadwicks: Friday, March 17th

Bonomo's Dari Creme in Clinton: They don't have a specific day that they will open up. They watch the weather and go from there. You can keep an eye on the Bonomo's Dari Creme Facebook Page for the latest news and updates.

Zem's Ice Cream in Canastota: Saturday, April 1st

Tasty Treat in Utica: We haven't heard back from this one, but last year they opened on March 18th (so fingers crossed that it will be around that time this year).

Red Door in West Winfield: They are currently serving a few flavors of hard ice cream, but towards the middle of April they will start serving soft serve and will have 18 varieties of hard ice cream.

Kayuta Drive-In in Remsen: As of right now, they don't have a set date to open but they say it should be late April (last year they opened on April 22nd, so we're assuming sometime around there for the 2017 season).

Nicky Doodle's in Verona: This Saturday (March 11th)

The Ice Cream Station in Ilion: Saturday, March 18th

Burrstone Ice Cream Parlor in Utica: They don't have a specific date, they go by the weather. But they did mention it wouldn't be later than the first week of April.

Papa Charlies in Schuyler: We sent them a message, but haven't heard back yet. Last year they opened on Thursday, May 26th so we may have to wait a little longer for this one.

We're still looking into more places to see when they'll be opening up for the "2017 Ice Cream Season." If there is an ice cream shop in particular you would like to see added to this list, just leave us a message in the "comments section" at the bottom of this page and we'll make sure to include them.




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