We have so many standout foods in New York State, which one should be the official state food?

Arguments Could Be Made For Many

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Apple Pie sure would be one, right? Here is the thing, New York is known so much for the apple growth within the state. That alone could give this dish a major argument.

Here Is Why It Shouldn't Be Apple Pie


While Apple Pie is always best homemade, apples aren't always in season. Apple Pies are served year-round, but again, homemade and during the holidays, it just hits better.

How About Something That Could Be Served Year-Round?

Bitten slice of pizza in the hands of the person close-up. The man in a purple T-shirt with well-groomed hands is eating pepperoni pizza

Pizza, let's talk about a good slice of pizza. We have high standards in the Empire State and an argument could also be made that ours is better than any other state in the country. One point to be made is why it shouldn't be New York's official state food, pizza isn't special to us. Even New York Style, sure we do it better, but you can find it all over the United States.

Maybe Something That Originated Here?

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Boy, do Buffalo Wings make sense or what? A dish that originated right in the Empire State by sheer accident definitely could be the one. There definitely should and could be a debate, but there is one that stands a little ahead of a good wing.

The Hot Dog

Barbecue Grilled Hot Dog

Think about it. When it comes to hot dogs, every region of the state does something different. There are Coney Island dogs, a Manhattan Style Hot Dog, White Hots, Mini Dogs, etc. With so many regions of New York having a hot dog that is a claim to fame, how can the state food not be this summertime staple?

Which food do you think should be New York's official state food? Let us know inside our station app.

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