If the ridiculously high prices of well, literally everything, have ruined your summer vacation plans and you're not okay with it one bit, we feel you!

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If you need a change of scenery but need to stay close to home (you know, because gas is stupidly expensive), we've got you! Check out these fantastic small towns within reasonable driving distance that will give you the getaway you need without sucking up everything in your bank account.

Eight Quaint New York Towns Perfect for a Weekend Getaway

Need to escape for the weekend? Each of these eight towns in New York is perfectly quaint and will check off so many boxes on your weekend getaway wish list.

7 Ways To Protect Yourself From Becoming The Victim Of A Vacation Rental Property Scam

Before you book a vacation rental property, there are seven steps you should take in order to avoid becoming the victim of a vacation rental property scam.

These 25 New York Towns Rank Very Best for Raising a Family

Looking for the best place in all of New York state to raise your family? When a town receives a high ranking from Niche, it means that the town is attractive for families because it has good schools and is a safe community. These are the top-ranked towns for families. 

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