An Onieda County Jail corrections officer is recovering after being stabbed on the job. Medication was being distributed at the Oneida County Jail on Thursday evening when an inmate allegedly stabbed a corrections officer. According to Sheriff Rob Maciol, "three officers and a nurse opened the cell door of inmate John Crosby." Once the cell door opened Crosby swung at one of the officers for no apparent reason. Another officer then noticed an unknown object in Crosby's hand and tried to avoid being struck, but was unsuccessful. He suffered a puncture wound to his shoulder. Using pepper spray officers were able to return Crosby to his cell. The injured officer was transported to St. Luke's hospital, treated and later released.

Oneida County Sheriff's Office, John Crosby
Oneida County Sheriff's Office, John Crosby

Upon investigation and search of Crosby's cell no weapon was recovered and it is still now known what caused the injury. Sheriff Maciol says they assume the weapon was flushed down the toilet while they were trying to get the situation under control. "This has been a problem inmate and we believe he was attempting to strike the officer in the head and neck area." John Crosby has been charged with Felony Assault and will appear in court to answer that charge.


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