Do you think about buying an electric car the next time you need to get one? I do. I think about it often. I hear so much about how there won't be any gasoline cars sold in the United States ever again. Then I pause and get a hold of myself.

To be clear, there are some states (California by 2035, Massachusetts by 2035, Washington State trying to do so by 2030) that are trying to phase out the sales of new gasoline-powered cars. As of right now, you will still be able to own, drive, love and do whatever you want to with a gasoline-powered car, but the move is to no longer sell them in the United States, eventually.

There is currently a bill awaiting Governor Cuomo's signature which would ban the sale of new non-zero-emission passenger cars and trucks in the state of New York, starting in 2035. Again, this does not mean that gasoline is going away, or that your car will be illegal, it is just not allowing them to be sold here.

So what are a few things to think about?

For me, one of the reasons I am thinking about this now is the New York State rebate incentives for purchasing an electric vehicle are continuing to go down. The max currently is $2000, but that is for a car with a longer mileage range. Most of the EV's currently sold are in the 135 or so miles per battery charge. So, that is something you need to think about.

How do you drive the car?

There are cars coming out with 300 plus mile range, the new Ford F-150? There is a Tesla that has the 300+ mileage range. Looking at the new Mini for 2022, the range is 110-135 miles. So, again, how do you plan on driving it?

The maintenance?

You are not going to have to go through oil changes, but you will need brakes. You will need an annual safety inspection, but not an emissions inspection.

Are you thinking about charging?

Yes, there are more and more charging stations around the state. Once you start to look for them, odds are you will see them. You can also install a charging port at your home or place of business. If you have a Tesla, you will need a different charger or a charger adapter to plug your car into it.

Are there certain laws for electric vehicles?

Yes and no. Here is some info about parking your car in a charging spot when it's not charging.

Something to ask your car insurance company?

Do they actually insure them? Tell them what you are thinking about buying and see how much they quote you for a 6-month policy.

If you are thinking about purchasing an Electric Vehicle in New York State, feel free to reach out and share your experience with us. One thing that I hadn't thought about, I learned recently after chatting with a Tesla owner. He told me that the weather affects the battery. More specifically, he told me that on hot days or on really cold days, he finds that he will lose a little bit of charge because of the swings in the temperature.

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