Deer hunters in New York state may soon face a serious handicap, as a ban on the use of deer urine to attract targets is being considered.

Hunters, especially those utilizing bows and arrows would be most disadvantaged, because many of them rely on the product to lure deer closer in order to get a better shot.

The various deer urine products trick bucks into believing other bucks are trying to infringe on their territory.

So far, four U.S. states--Alaska, Vermont, Virginia and Pennsylvania--have banned deer urine to be used by hunters as an attractant.

According to an article in The New York Daily News, environmentalists claim "the urine can lead to the spread of chronic wasting disease, a degenerative ailment caused by infectious proteins called prions."

Of course, hunters and manufacturers of the urine are speaking up on their side of the issue. The bottlers and manufacturers' livelihoods are at stake, since the bottles are very popular; two-ounce bottles normally retail for about $5.

Buying and selling the supplies of deer urine would remain legal, but, of course, someone would have to come up with alternate uses if the hunting ban is imposed.


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