There are a couple of products out there that may question your man’s manhood if caught using. Not to you, but definitely his friends. Here’s a good list according to

According to, here's a rundown of some stuff that guys should never be using:

The Volkswagen Beetle: Ok it’s small, and kind of girly.

The Shake Weight: My sisters boy friend is a big fan of this one, I don’t see how it’s to girly.

Sketchers Shape-Ups: Girly

Herbal Essences (those fruity shampoos, conditioners and body washes): Only use if other shampoos have run out.

The Wii: I disagree with this one! Explain to me how winning 36 rounds of Just dance on the Wii is girly?

The Wii one explains the photo for this story. My sisters boyfriend Jason won 36 rounds (or more we lost count) of Just Dance on the Wii. What kind of guy does this?

What are some other products men shouldn’t be using?