If you are doing No Mow May, you are going to get a ticket.

It is 'No Mow May', where people do not mow their lawns in the month of May in order to let the bees pollinate among other insect benefits in New York State. But, most spots will give you a ticket if your grass gets too high.

But, there are some spots in New York State where there is a limit on how tall in your yard can actually be and you might be surprised about how 'tall' it is allowed to be.

In Buffalo, Batavia, Rochester, Albany and Syracuse they have a limit for how tall you grass can be. It is 10 inches tall and if you do not cut it within a certain time frame, you can actually get a fine and/or ticket. Now, each suburb and town may have different laws, but you can actually get a court date if you do not comply within a certain amount of days.

It's that time of year again! Take care of your lawn and make sure that grass does not exceed 10 inches in height, according to the City of Buffalo website.


Also, if you are on a corner, make sure to keep corner visibility in mind. As per the Green Code (section 7.5) - "Corner visibility is defined as the triangular area formed by projecting the lines of intersecting curbs, or of street paving edges where there are no curbs, and a line joining these points 20 feet from their point of intersection.

In most cities and towns, there is an anonymous tip line or at least a way to remain anonymous if you want to report a grass that is unkept.

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