Today, Monday, August 29, 2022, the heat index values in certain regions of New York will be in the 90s. The National Weather Service-Buffalo is warning residents to be careful and prepare for extreme heat today. The dangerous heat will cover Western and Central New York, bringing high temperatures and humidity. As hot as it will be for humans today, it will feel even hotter for animals.

Hot and humid today with the heat index reaching the 90s this afternoon. A Heat Advisory is in effect for portions of Western and Central NY for areas where the heat index is expected to reach or exceed 95, including Buffalo and Rochester. #nywx

According to the American Red Cross,

Heat stroke is a common problem for pets in the warmer weather. Dogs with short noses or snouts, like the boxer or bulldog, are especially prone to heat stroke, along with overweight pets, those with extremely thick fur coat or any pet with upper respiratory problems such as laryngeal paralysis or collapsing trachea.

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Your Dog Or Cat Could Be In Danger, If Left Outside Today

Photo by Neil Daftary on Unsplash
Photo by Neil Daftary on Unsplash

Imagine staying outside all day in a fur coat in 90-degree weather. That's basically what your pet will be subjected to if you leave it outside today. Fortunately for animals, New York has a law to protect them from being left outside during extreme weather.

The New York law that protects animals that are left outside says,

'Inclement weather' shall mean weather conditions that are likely to adversely affect the health or safety of the dog, including but not limited to rain, sleet, ice, snow, wind, or extreme heat and cold.

The law says that an animal's owner must provide it with relief from the extreme elements,

Any person who owns or has custody or control of a dog that is left outdoors shall provide it with shelter appropriate to its breed, physical condition and the climate.

Any animal owner who is caught leaving their pet outside today without proper shelter from the sun and heat will have to pay a fine of between $50 to $100 if it is their first offense. For second offenses and beyond, the fine is between $100 to $200. If the problem isn't fixed after three days, more fines will be added,

Beginning seventy-two hours after a charge of violating this section, each day that a defendant fails to correct the deficiencies in the dog shelter for a dog that he or she owns or that is in his or her custody or control and that is left outdoors, so as to bring it into compliance with the provisions of this section shall constitute a separate offense.


What Does New York State Consider 'Shelter' For An Outdoor Dog or Cat?

Photo by Alireza Shirvan on Unsplash
Photo by Alireza Shirvan on Unsplash

- A dog or cat left outside at any given time must be provided with natural or artificial shade at all times the sunlight may harm the animal.

- A dog or cat left outside during hot weather must be provided with a housing facility that has,

(1) have a waterproof roof; (2) be structurally sound with insulation appropriate to local climatic conditions and sufficient to protect the dog from inclement weather; (3) be constructed to allow each dog adequate freedom of movement to make normal postural adjustments, including the ability to stand up, turn around and lie down with its limbs outstretched; and (4) allow for effective removal of excretions, other waste material; dirt and trash. The housing facility and the area immediately surrounding it shall be regularly cleaned to maintain a healthy and sanitary environment and to minimize health hazards.

If at all possible, keep your pet inside and out of the heat today. It may be best to take them to a daycare or leave them with a friend if you can't keep them indoors today.

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