The New Hartford Police were called to Applebee's on Commercial Drive after an altercation escalated quickly with a customer.

New Sodium Warning Rule On Chain Restaurant Menus Takes Effect In NYC
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Officers say on Saturday, January 14th a man walked into the restaurant and was asked to leave. The man, identified as 28-year-old Esteban Padron, had previously been asked to leave the Applebee's on another date for acting disorderly.

As they were escorting Padron out of the restaurant, he began to attack one of the staff members. He then grabbed a steak knife from behind the bar and used it against the employees.

New Sodium Warning Rule On Chain Restaurant Menus Takes Effect In NYC
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A bystander in the restaurant saw the altercation happen, and decided to take matters into his own hands. He pulled out a gun, of which he has a permit for, and ordered Padron to get onto the floor and drop the knife. He listened to the bystander's commands and remained on the ground until police arrived.

Two staff members were hurt during the incident. One suffered a cut to the face from the knife, while the second suffered a non-life threatening injury. Both were treated by the medical team.

Padron is currently being charged with the following...

  • Attempted Assault 2nd (one count)
  • Assault 3rd (two counts)
  • Criminal Possession of a Weapon 4th

After the altercation, Padron was taken to St. Luke's Hospital under the NYS Mental Health Law for a mental health evaluation. The investigation is ongoing, stay tuned to our station for updates.

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