Do you recognize this man? The Peeping Tom is being accused of terrorizing a Central New York neighborhood and the women who live there want it to stop.

Lisa Bunal Zimecki is one of the people who has seen the man peeking in windows in the Riverview Parkway area in Rome. "My neighborhood has been terrorized by a Peeping Tom for months now. He has been to my house twice in less than 2 weeks."

The first time was on New Year's morning at around 1:30. "We were home with lights on."

Peeping Tom Returns

12 days later the man was back. "He couldn't see into the door window because we have since put a curtain on it. He tried the windows on the side of the house, which is also curtained, before coming back to the front again."

Neighbor's Windows

The man was also at Lisa's neighbor Betty Narrows home a day later. Video captured him in the Colonel Drive area on Betty's porch. But he wasn't there for long.

I jumped up and ran out screaming at him as soon as the alarm went off.

Going on For Months

The man has been roaming around the area for several months. Lisa says in August he was recorded looking in the window of two young women in Urbandale Parkway. "They moved out of their apartment shortly after."

Masturbating Tom

Sometime last October, Lisa says a widow who lives a couple of streets over, caught him on her camera.

"He was masturbating outside her window for an hour."


Credit - Lisa Bunal Zimecki
Credit - Lisa Bunal Zimecki

Police Looking to Identify

The police have been notified about the man and are looking for him. Lisa is doing what she can to help too, going through photo lineups to see if she recognizes anyone.

"Almost all of us victims are women. We're all scared in our own homes and it needs to end."

If you know anything or recognize the man in the video, you're asked to call the police.

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