Attention Target shoppers. There's a new fee at all New York stores.

Target is now charging extra for grocery bags on all drive-up and order pickups. Ten bags will cost you a dollar.  The new policy is already in place in eight states, including California, Connecticut, Delaware, Hawaii, Maine, New York, Oregon, and Vermont.

Drive Up and Order Pickup orders will include a bag fee based on local and state mandates. This aligns with fees that were already in place for purchases made in Target stores at checkout.

Anytime you place an order, you'll automatically be charged the bag fee. The number of bags will be adjusted based on how many were actually used and you’ll be charged accordingly.

There won't be a 'no bag' option when you place your drive-up or pick-up order. But you can decline the bags when you pick up your order and the fee will be refunded.

If you want to check your final bag charge, just view your invoice in your Target account on

Plastic Bag Ban

Plastic bags are long gone in New York after legislation was signed in 2019 banning single-use plastic bags in the state. Many stores have been charging a small fee for the use of paper bags after the ban went into effect. All New York Walmart eliminated the paper ones too earlier this year.

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Stores in Washington and Oregon will be officially phasing out both plastic and paper bags on April 18.

Household Plastic We Can Give Up

More and more we are trying to move away from plastic in our lives. It is so important for the environment that we reduce the amount of plastic we use in the Hudson Valley. These house hold items could easily be replaced with an item that is more eco-friendly.

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