A crazy accident involving a flying deer, a man from Arizona, and a Ronkonkoma woman happened in Central New York this weekend.

Boonville wasn't the only town in CNY to have a headline-grabbing animal incident. Instead of a black bear, this one had a flying deer.

Credit - Marko Hankkila via Unsplash
Credit - Marko Hankkila via Unsplash

The Oneida County Sheriff's Office responded to the Town of Trenton on Sunday night after a deer took out 2 cars on State Route 28 in a horrifying, yet comical way.

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The deer jumped out in front of a car driven by 23-year-old Thyme Richey of Phoenix, Arizona, who had no time to react.  It appears Richey hit the deer at almost full speed because the impact caused the deer's body to engage in some crazy physics.

The animal went "airborne into oncoming traffic," said the Sheriff's Office and it came crashing down on another car driven by 60-year-old Susan Layton of Ronkonkoma.

She was also unable to avoid the inevitable and both her and Richey's car sustained some incredible front-end damage.

Deer on the edge of the road just before vehicle
Photo Credit- Pascal-L-Marius/Thinkstock

Sheriff Robert Maciol actually applauded both drivers for how well they handled the incident and wrote, "The vehicles did not come into contact with each other or cause damage to anything else. Both drivers did an excellent job controlling their vehicles and maintaining their lanes of travel."

No traffic citations were issued because of this.

No one, except maybe the deer, was badly injured. The only complaint came from Richey, who said he had some minor leg pains and bruising, but it wasn't enough for him to accept medical evaluation.

This incident happened literally 2 hours before an Albany man plowed into a black bear in Boonville. Like the deer, the bear abruptly entered the road and the driver had no time to react.

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Unlike the deer incident, that car sustained heavy damage to its front end and had to be towed. It is unknown if that vehicle was totaled.

It is unknown if the bear survived the incident.

Motorists are heavily encouraged to drive the speed limit and remain alert when behind the wheel, especially at night. Seems wild animals are on the move and, unlike pedestrians, they don't look both ways before jumping into traffic,

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