It's been a rough few weeks for New Hartford School District.

Last night as I was heading to bed, I caught several messages left by concerned parents regarding one of the local elementary schools. Apparently, their kids came home with stories that a student had written an apparent hit list that named several students and teachers.

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Parents were understandably trying to find more information since children are not the most reliable storytellers - and that turned out to be exactly the case here.

Robert L. Bradley Elementary School Principal James Davis came forward regarding what happened to help ease panicked parents. In an email sent to the community, which was shared with WIBX, Davis explained a student notified a teacher about a possible threat against other students. That teacher then "promptly informed school officials."

"The New Hartford Police Department was contacted and determined the threat to be not credible," the letter continued. Davis did not disclose the nature of the threat nor mention anything about a list of names as some parents have claimed.

The principal added that while this threat itself wasn't credible, "The district takes all threats seriously."

Threats are strictly prohibited in the New Hartford Code of Conduct. The district will investigate any threat or perceived threat and take appropriate action. Our top priority is providing a safe school environment for our students and staff.

Davis commended the student for coming forward with their concerns and encouraged all parents to educate their kids about reporting incidents that make them feel unsafe.

Davis also encouraged parents to reach out should they have any questions or concerns.

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This incident comes shortly after New Hartford made international news for all the wrong reasons when a controversial piece of art depicting LeBron James made it to the district-wide art show.

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