I have never claimed to be a foodie.

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As anyone who has read any of my food ramblings will tell you, I have a limited palette when it comes to eating. I tell people I never really got past what a 5-year-old is willing to eat. I am working on this as I get older and have found certain things I enjoy. There is, however, nothing like a great McDonald's experience.

Call it nostalgia or just a love of Fancy Ketchup, but even though there are better fast-food burger options out there, McD's just hits me in a soft place in my soul. As a frequent driver on I-90, the news of the last 11 McDonald's locations closing hits me hard.

I am often driving between Central New York and Cleveland Ohio. It is an easy drive that only requires two turns at the end of my journey before I am able to park my car. I often leave after work when I have not had a chance to eat much so it was great when not too far down the road, I could slip off without having to exit and grab a Large Fry and a cool refreshing fountain Coca Cola to help me through the next part of my journey. This has been robbed from me now and I am all the sadder for it.

Recently I found that if you were willing to wait in line and just order a fountain drink, the saints behind the counter would often hand you the drink at no charge as they assess just how weary a traveler you are. This was such a beautiful discovery that tragicly only served me for a short time.

New places will come and go, but nothing can replace the beautiful glow of the golden arches on a long drive.

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