When you think of dry cleaning or need some of your clothes to be dry cleaned, you go to your local dry cleaner to get the job done. It's a no-brainer there.

But did you know a company has come up with another way to dry clean your clothes? This company has designed a machine that looks similar to a vending machine. Why not. There are vending machines for just about everything else you can think of including snacks, drinks, merchandise of all kinds, and cold and hot foods like burgers, pizza, and fries. The list goes on and on.

According to CNBC, the start-up company Presso, based out of Atlanta, Georgia, has come up with a machine for dry cleaning that looks like a vending machine. Are you surprised? It's a new invention and CNBC reports that the Presso dry cleaning machine is currently in use in a few hotel and apartment buildings with hopes to get them installed in some hotel chains.

CNBC explains the simple process - place a piece of clothing into the machine which is already outfitted with a hanger, and enter the fabric and size information. In just a few minutes, the piece of clothing is dry cleaned, and Presso states that depending on the clothing to be dry cleaned, it can cost up to 80% less than traditional dry cleaning.

The Presso website states that the machine uses robotic stretching technology resulting in dry cleaning-like pressing quality. There's no damage, shrinkage, or color fading. And Presso says that this dry cleaning machine uses seven times less water and three times less electricity.

For those who frequent hotels for business, this dry cleaning machine could be a real game changer. To pay for your dry cleaning, simply pay with your credit card right at the machine, just like a vending machine. Or maybe in the future, one may be available for home use as well.

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