90210, who?

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Okay, maybe 90210, the zip code for Beverly Hills, California is the most popular zip code in the United States, thanks largely to the television show from the 1990s called Beverly Hills 90210, but it's not the most memorable.

I grew up in a small river town just outside of Albany called Scotia and as a little kid, I was so proud of the fact that I could rattle off my zip code like nobody's business because it was so easy to remember - 12302.

However, there was another local zip code that was even easier to remember.

My great Uncle Wilbur worked for General Electric in Schenectady and occasionally, I was allowed to go into his work building with him. I remember it being dark with big glass windows and stools that swirled. We'd enter through a large metal door off a side street ally. This is probably why I was allowed inside - because he snuck me in the side door. I had to be extra quiet and still while the people worked and if I was, he would take me to a nearby diner afterward for a buttered hard roll.

During one of our Saturday outings to GE, Uncle Wilbur told me something that has stuck with me for decades. Uncle Wilbur explained General Electric was so big that the campus had its own zip code and that zip code is: 12345.

That's a fact! The most memorable zip code in America belongs to General Electric in Schenectady, New York.

Back in the 1970s, the people who worked in General Electric's Mailing Operations center processed around 50,000 pieces of mail each day and it only made sense for the mail to go directly to GE than for it to go to the post office in Schenectady only to then be delivered to GE.

And there you have it. There is simply no argument that 12345 is absolutely the most memorable zip code and easiest to remember.

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