When you think about going to a Syracuse game at the JMA Wireless Dome (formerly the Carrier Dome), what do you think about? When I was younger, I would enjoy watching the Dome Ranger run back and forth behind the bench during a Cuse basketball game.

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When the Dome Ranger retired, Otto the Orange officially took his place in 1990. Otto was almost replaced in 1995 but he withstood the squeeze and has been a representative of Syracuse sports for over 30 years.

Mascot Hall of Fame

So what's next for Otto? How about a place in the Mascot Hall of Fame? Here's where your help can make ALL the difference. Otto has been named as a contender for the Class of 2023's Mascot Hall of Fame.

Otto is going against 17 other mascots, including five from the NCAA, eight major leagues, three from the minors, and one for an independent program. It'll be fierce competition with some serious competition from the ACC including Buzz (Georgia Tech), Rameses (North Carolina), and of course The Blue Devil (Duke).

Vote For Otto The Orange For The Mascot Hall of Fame

Voting has begun and will continue until Saturday, May 27th. You can vote for up to seven mascots every day but the best way to help Otto is to only vote for the loveable orange with blue legs. Unlike the Presidential Election, it's ok to cast your vote once per day and you can do that by going here.

Why Otto the Orange should be voted into the Mascot Hall of Fame:

LET'S GO ORANGE and vote for Otto for the Mascot Hall of Fame. After your done voting, check out what the members of the 2003 Syracuse Men's Basketball Team is doing 20 years later.

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