It can be tough to find something entertaining to do during the winter months in the Hudson Valley. Exploring the outdoors can lead to some fun adventures and beautiful sights.

Birdwatching is becoming increasingly popular across the Hudson Valley, especially this time of year. According to the Department of Environmental Conservation, January and February are peak months to see gorgeous Bald Eagles soar across the Mid-Hudson region.


On January 10th, the DEC wrote on their Facebook page:

It's #SaveTheEaglesDay! Since the bald eagle restoration program ended in 1989, their population continues to grow. Winter is a great time to view eagles in New York, with concentrations peaking in January and February.


Where to See a Bald Eagle in the Hudson Valley

So where can you actually catch a glimpse of the majestic bird? Luckily there are a handful of locations across the Hudson Valley that are perfect for Eagle watching.

Interested in viewing up to 100 eagles? Scenic Hudson suggests the “Goat Trail,” on NY Rt. 6 & 202 east of the Bear Mountain Bridge. Binoculars might come in handy as Scenic Hudson writes:

This is a good site to look for up to 100 eagles, although they are usually very far off, over on Iona Island.

The DEC adds locations like Norrie Point State Park in Hyde Park, Constitution Island at  West Point, Peekskills Riverfront Park and the Verplank waterfront as popular spots to see a Bald Eagle. They also add that Metro North commuters have a birdseye view of eagles as the swoop down and hunt on the Hudson River.


Tips and Tricks To Spotting a Hudson Valley Bald Eagle

Here are a few tips from the New York State DEC on getting the best view of an Eagle in the Hudson Valley:

  • Use a designated bald eagle viewing site.
  • Scan the tree line for eagles that are perched in the tree tops.
  • Look overhead for eagles soaring high in the sky.
  • Check ice floes or river islands for eagles sunning themselves or enjoying a meal.
  • Arrive early (7 am - 9 am) or stay late (4 pm - 5 pm), when eagles are most active.
  • Be patient - the key to successful viewing is patience.

Where have you seen a Bald Eagle? We'd love to hear from you, drop us a message through the station's mobile app and we'll add it to the list below!

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