In the beginning of Jasmine V‘s video for ‘Didn’t Mean It,’ just as we were shown in the teaser clip, she answers the door and is dragged by her hair, kicking and screaming, into the next room, where she screams and is beaten. It’s a really jolting and jarring way to start a video, but it’s also an extremely effective way to make a point about a serious social issue.

Abusive relationships are as hard to escape as they are dangerous, so this vid is ultimately a PSA. It serves to let those trapped in situations of domestic violence know that there is hope and that there is help out there.

The story is based off Jasmine’s previous relationship with a rapper who goes by the name Jinsu, and is told in flashbacks. Her boyfriend (an actor, not Jinsu) is quite physical with Jasmine V throughout. A push here. A shove there. A tightly gripped wrist everyone once in a while. It all adds up to domestic violence.

The action switches to the pair in bed, where she’s on top of him, singing to him while he sleeps. But there’s the overarching suggestion that she’s planning her escape, as the action cuts to her packing colorful high tops into a zebra print suitcase. Then she’s caught, unable to extract herself from the situation and the cycle repeats.

The scenes of the singer holding herself in the bathroom and crying are heartwrenching. It’s a subtle way to depict the debilitating and hard-to-break nature of physical abuse.

The clip ends with abuse stats on screen. Only 33 percent of teens repair their abuse. Know you are not alone. Jasmine V’s video is like a warm, comforting hug from a friend, reminding you that help is available.

Watch the Jasmin V ‘Didn’t Mean It’ Video