The world's most beautiful woman is Jennifer Lopez, according to "People."  Does being so gorgeous come easily for Jennifer?  No, it's hard work. 

Jennifer is the first to admit that between her workouts and portion-controlled diet, staying fit and looking good is hard work.   However, for J Lo, it's all just part of her job description.   She just doesn't want anybody thinking it's a piece of cake.  She says it takes time and hard work and HDTV isn't kind to anyone!  So what are some of her top beauty tips?  Sleep!  She says it's the best thing for your skin  and Jennifer is also a fan of replenishing masks.  And ladies, make sure you take off your makeup before you go to bed so your skin can breathe.    Her legs are her least favorite body part while her stomach is her favorite, although she admits it was tough getting back into shape after having her twins.  As for those diva behaviors attributed to her, she sets the record straight.  No, she doesn't own a diamond encrusted toilet seat.  Her body isn't insured for a billion dollars and she doesn't have an beauty entourage of fifty either.  Jennifer tells "People"  real beauty comes from the heart and her's is filled with alot of  love.