Jessica Simpson shocked fans last month when she posted a series of racy photos to Instagram of her with husband Eric Johnson, all of which were captioned with the hashtag #FIFTYSHADESOFJOHNSON. Some fans were displeased with the photos, believing they should have remained private, but Jessica defended them during her appearance on the Today show.

When asked about the photos on Friday (March 13), Jessica didn't skip a beat, saying, "Those kinda happen sometimes! I am not shy to be in love with my husband."

The singer gushed about her marriage to the former NFL pro, saying, "Marriage is unbelievable. I couldn't be more in love, and he's given me two of the best blessings I could possibly imagine. Having a boy and a girl? I'm blessed. They inspire me."

Jessica went on to talk about her kids, particularly her daughter, Maxwell. She compared her personality to Maxwell's saying, "She's feistier. I'm much more reserved, and she's very opinionated, even though she's two. I mean, I'm opinionated, but I don't yell it in your face!"

Jessica stopped by the Today show to talk about her upcoming stint as the dean speaker for Teen Vogue's fashion university. "They will all teach me more than I could possibly teach them," she said. Jessica's foray into the fashion world has worked out well for the singer. When asked what she's learned about the business she responded, "I've been all kinds of sizes and being a mom I feel like people can relate to me, and I think it's very important for people to be able to relate to someone who is a fashion designer."

You can check out the full interview over at Today.

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