A high school baseball team from Pella, Iowa lost the final game of its 2013 season -- badly. And the players probably would've been really bummed out about that had Jim Carrey not made an impromptu appearance on their bus.

Seems the comedian ran into the team at a Burger King in the area after their game, but the coach initially admonished his players for bothering the actor. "I didn’t really think it would be (Carrey) at first. What would he be doing in Fairfield, Iowa?" he said.

Regardless, Jim hopped on the bus to take a photo and, you know, turn frowns upside down.

In the snap he can be seen holding up seven fingers while a player next to him holds up one, signaling the team's 7-1 loss that day. And if the guys look like they're laughing, they are -- because right before the snap was taken, Jim supposedly yelled out, "Who are the f---in' winners NOW?"

But let's go back to the coach's question -- what was Carrey doing in the rural Iowa town?

The Des Moines Register surmises he was most likely studying transcendental meditation at the local Maharishi University of Management. (You may not have heard of the place, but it's famous enough to have also been visited by stars like Oprah Winfrey and Moby.)

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