It’s an announcement that will surely have thousands of childhoods buzzing with nostalgia: the Jim Henson Company will be taking Arnold Lobel’s ‘Frog and Toad’ book series to the big screen as an animated movie.

Of course, the Jim Henson Company is the studio behind everyone’s favorite Warm And Fuzzy Childhood Memory, the Muppets, which makes them the perfect choice for reviving a children’s book series that was written back when the Kermit and company still had their own TV show.

For those who never encountered the books when they were young kids, here’s the basic gist of it: the ‘Frog and Toad’ books, published between 1970 and 1979, followed the adventures of the titular amphibians as they learn all kinds of basic life lessons intended to educate grade-schoolers about ethics, morals and what-have-you while they learned to read. The series won a Caldecott award for its illustrations and a Newberry Award for its writing and inspired a 2003 Broadway musical.

They aren’t particularly cinematic stories, but that isn’t stopping the Henson Company. Says CEO Lisa Henson:

“‘Frog and Toad’ has tremendous value with parents who read these charming stories when they were children and are now sharing them with their own kids…With such high caliber talent on board, the delightful and funny adventures of these two great friends–with a nod to the classic ‘buddy movie’–will bring a whole new audience to their big screen debut.”

And what “high caliber” talent is she referring to? The script will be written by Craig Bartlett, a longtime television writer with a resume full of kid-friendly properties (‘Rugrats,’ ‘Hey Arnold’ and ‘Dinosaur Train,’ among others). Cory Edwards, the director of ‘Hoodwinked,’ will helm the project. These may not seem like particularly exciting choices to the average movie fan, but if their intention is to make a perfectly pleasant kids’ movie, well, they’re on the right track.