Joe has to admit that he's amazed that Aerosmith has been able to keep it together over the years. Perry Tells The Boston Herald that when it came time to create material for the band's new CD, Music From Another Dimension, they were willing to put all of their personal differences aside for the benefit of the music.


"I have no idea how it works. With Aerosmith, we put one foot in front of the other and hope for the best. . . There are bands that don't talk to each other for five years, and then get back together and go out and play their songs and they turn into the best cover band of their own songs. That's fine and well, but for us it will be always changing. We've been trying to write this record for 10 years, and we finally did."

Joe went on to talk about his relationship with Steven. Give it a listen and I think you'll be convinced, like me, that nothing will ever split theses guys up.