A lot of stars have to deal with stalkers and creeps in general, but few (short of maybe Justin Bieber) have had to deal with something as scary as this.

British soul songstress Joss Stone was a target of a murder plot that involved decapitation and being thrown into a river. (And you thought your day was bad.)

E! Online reports that the trial of Junior Bradshaw, 32, and Kevin Liverpool, 35, began yesterday (March 18) in London for their gruesome plan to abduct and murder the 'Super Duper Love' singer.

Their initial charges included "possession of offensive weapons," but once authorities caught wind of what the men planned to do with those weapons, the allegations were upgraded to conspiracy to rob and murder.

Bradshaw and Liverpool were arrested in June 2011 near Stone's property. They had a samurai sword (what?), a hammer, knives, gloves and black bags.

Stone's neighbors called the cops, because things like that tend to look pretty suspicious, and the findings were fairly horrifying. There were handwritten notes in Bradshaw and Liverpool's vehicle that said "RIP Jocelyn" and others that detailed parts of their plot, like dumping her body in a river after removing her head.

Among the motives, Liverpool and Bradshaw were apparently pissed that Stone was invited to the royal wedding of Prince William and Kate Middleton (Joss is close friends with Will and his brother Harry).

Terrifying as it all sounds, the singer didn't seem too concerned about it in a 2011 interview with Spinner, saying, “I’m fine, hon, don’t worry ... I’m all good. People are crazy, but that’s OK. Hey, I’m carrying on: I paint my bathroom. I bake my cakes. All is well.”

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