Sony has a lot of confidence in their Jumanji franchise, so much in fact, they’re not afraid of competing with another little franchise you may have heard of, Star Wars.

Studio boss Tom Rothman revealed at Cinema Con on Monday night (h/t Collider) that another Jumanji sequel was officially on the way. Rothman confirmed Jumanji 3 will hit theaters Christmas 2019, which as you may know, is the same release slot held by Episode IX (as well as the Wicked adaptation). For most big budget action movies, that may seem like box office suicide, but as last year’s Welcome to the Jungle proved, it’s a pretty smart move, and one that may even get Lucasfilm nervous.

The Dwayne Johnson-led sequel to the 1998 adventure movie was as massive box office surprise few of us were expecting. Jumanji: Welcome to the Jungle opened one week after The Last Jedi and quickly dethroned it from the number one spot two weeks later. Jumanji held onto that top spot for three consecutive weeks, and soon became Sony’s biggest domestic film of all time, dethroning 2002’s Spider-Man, and also toppling Titanic‘s record. No biggie.

Rothman also confirmed what we already knew: Johnson is officially returning for the third film, as the actor announced himself last week. No word yet on if Karen Gillan, Jack Black, or Kevin Hart will be back for more video game body swapping. It’s unknown if Welcome to the Jungle director Jake Kasdan will return, but the new script is being written by Scott Rosenberg and Jeff Pinker. So come Christmas next year, will you visit a galaxy far away, or hop inside a video game? Maybe both.

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