When Justin Timberlake broke the hearts of girls everywhere upon announcing his engagement to actress Jessica Biel, speculation started immediately as to where and when the couple would tie the knot. While it’s been long rumored that Timberbiel will get hitched this summer, new details are emerging about where: It looks like the wedding will go down in Italy!

Us Weekly reports that Biel and Timberlake checked out a wedding venue in Bernalda, Italy last week following trips to Naples, Rome and Capri. The cute couple capped off a trip to the boot-shaped peninsula with a tour of Palazzo Margherita, the same venue famed filmmaker Sofia Coppola wed in.

While an unidentified insider said the pair “had a great time,” a mayor of one of the cities the duo stopped in told Us Weekly that no one asked about a wedding. Fair enough, but who asks the mayor about weddings anyway? Wouldn’t they have been better off asking staff at the Palazzo Margherita? Just sayin’!

However, the mayor’s denial supports a previous source who revealed, “The big day’s this summer at a private estate.” In any case, we just can’t wait to see Biel’s gown!

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