Justin Timberlake silently slipped the release date for 'The 20/20 Experience' into his new lyric video for 'Suit & Tie.' The date passes by so fast we probably wouldn't even see it, if not for the pause button on YouTube. So just when is Timberlake's third solo album dropping?

Mark your calendars for March 19! Near the end of the black-and-white video, Timberlake looks into the camera as viewers see the text, "The 20/20 Experience Coming Soon." As spotted by Rap-Up, for just a few frames lasting less than a second, the "coming soon" switches to the actual date of March 19.

Timberlake might have been expected to make a big announcement about the album's release date, but quietly slipping it into the video seems to be a smart way to go. This anti-promotional strategy is really working for the singer. Instead of hyping his single for months ahead of time, JT suddenly released 'Suit & Tie' without much advance warning, allowing media coverage and social media chatter to provide the necessary word-of-mouth. The plan couldn't have worked much better — 'Suit & Tie' shoots up 80 spots to No. 4 this week on the Billboard Hot 100.

JT also recently announced his first concert in four years.

As for the lyric video, Timberlake drives through the streets in a convertible and makes his way to L.A., where he puts on his suit and tie and gets prepared for a night on the town. The evening includes cigars, martinis, and roulette, plus a nod to Michael Jackson when Justin shows off his white socks and loafers.

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