Katy Perry is the latest music artist to run afoul of PETA.

The singer makes fast friends of the exotic animals in her new 'ROAR' music video -- even going so far to paint an elephant's toenails! -- but the animal-rights organization is doing a lot of roaring on its own, voicing its displeasure over the clip.

People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals has criticized Perry and the makers of the video for filming real wildlife instead of using computer-generated images. It says animals find it "stressful" and "traumatic" to be used in such a way.

Katy's various adventures in the clip have her cavorting with a tiger, parrots, monkey and an alligator, along with the aforementioned elephant.

"Animals used for entertainment in film and television endure horrific cruelty and suffer from extreme confinement and violent training methods," PETA told the video's directors in a letter. The group goes on to allege that the animals featuring in 'ROAR' come from a known problematic and much-cited supplier.

Neither Katy nor the clip's producers have yet commented on the letter. Watch the video below and let us know what YOU think of the controversy.

Watch the Katy Perry 'ROAR' Music Video

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