It’s safe to say that 2011 has been one amazing year for Katy Perry , and it seems it might even get better. According to E! Online, she may be heading to Broadway to portray Marilyn Monroe soon.

 ‘My Week With Marilyn,’ hit theaters earlier this week, and it’s already seen a ton of success. If it’s already had this much success in less than a week, it would be dumb of producers to not think of the next step to keep the production going.

 “If the movie works, I would try to make it a musical and I would go to Katy first,” Producer Harvey Weinstein told E! Online, “I think she can play Marilyn on the Broadway stage. I think she would be amazing.”

Perry has already been supportting the movie, allowing a remix of her single, ‘The One That Got Away,’ in the new trailer for ‘My Week With Marilyn.’

Once we get more developments in the possibilities of Perry’s Broadway debut, we will pass them along to you.