Movie week didn’t have a happy ending for Kelly Clarkson and at least one of her duet partners on ‘Duets’ tonight. After performances of ‘Take My Breath Away’ from ‘Top Gun’ and ‘Come What May’ from ‘Moulin Rouge,’ Clarkson’s partners were the bottom two on the show’s chart and had to sing for their lives in the showdown.

This week Clarkson met Jordan Meredith’s parents for the first time. They are extremely proud of their daughter. Her mom said seeing her daughter on the show is “the top of the moment feeling” and her dad said, “Jordan’s confidence has grown leaps and bounds.” Meredith herself admits she’s still nervous but having a blast.

Her parents were probably excited to see her perform ‘Take My Breath Away’ from ‘Top Gun’ with Clarkson. They may not have been as excited to hear the judges’ comments. John Legend said he thought their voices sound nice together, but he felt like Meredith was nervous in the beginning and didn’t come in strong. He did add that she ended well. Robin Thicke said that ever since Meredith brought out her sultry sexy side in a performance, he has expectations. He also said, “The only thing that was missing were those moments when you felt you had your breath taken away.” Jennifer Nettles said she loved that Meredith gave the song a Country spin and that she seemed the most comfortable in her skin than she has for the entire show.

Unfortunately, it wasn’t enough for Meredith. Since she performed second, she started in second place, but then continued to slip throughout the show until she landed in fifth place, leaving her in the bottom two. This became bad for Clarkson when her other duet partner, Jason Farol, ended up in sixth place and it was sure that one of her two partners would go home.

Clarkson and Farol came into this week’s performance with new confidence after Farol finished last week outside the bottom two for the first time. Clarkson was frustrated with Farol’s habit of being non-committal with his singing because of his nerves. And, in spite of her coaching, it seemed like he was stuck in that same mold. He let her do the heavy lifting during their performance of ‘Come What May’ from ‘Moulin Rouge.’

The judges were not thrilled with Farol’s performance, although they mostly felt the song was a poor choice for him. Thicke said he loves Farol’s voice and personality and knows that as soon as America starts voting, Farol will be a threat, but he didn’t get to hear Farol’s tone in the song. He wanted to hear him in the higher range of his voice.

Legend agreed saying his biggest concern was in the vocal area. “Most of the song was too low for you. You couldn’t shine,” he told Farol. Jennifer Nettles said she could see he has some talent for musical theatre, but that she heard some pitch issues when he was in the bottom of his range.

At the end of the show Meredith and Farol faced off and Clarkson finally lost her first partner. When the scores were counted, it was Jordan Meredith who was sent home. Clarkson told her, “This is one show.” Meredith said the highlight has been singing with Clarkson. What we know is that even though her run on the show has ended, her career definitely has not.

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