Kelly Rowland's new song 'Dirty Laundry' is about as personal and heart-wrenching as you can get. So it's no wonder K. Rowls had quite the difficulty getting through this song during her show in Washington, D.C.

On 'Dirty Laundry,' the songstress not only touches on her envy of Beyonce post Destiny's Child days, but a physically abusive relationship, as well. So when Rowland got to the end of the third verse (when she sings, "I missed ya," -- a line that is very much directed at Beyonce and the rift between the two friends caused by Kelly's former significant other), she had to stop singing to put her head down -- even as fans chanted her name.

She eventually finished the song after wiping away her tears, though after the final verse Kelly stood still in front of the audience, obviously trying to gather her thoughts. We think the diva summed it up best herself, "I'm so grateful to God I have my girls to back me up."

We just hope Kelly and Beyonce are on good terms again. It sounds like things got pretty hairy for quite some time. We're sure Ms. Rowland will never let a man destroy her Destiny's Child bond with Bey ever again!