Move over Meek Mill, Philly rapper Chocolate Droppa has something to say. All jokes aside, Kevin Hart has just announced that he will be dropping a new mixtape called Kevin Hart presents WHAT NOW? The Mixtape, which will be hosted by his rap alias Chocolate Droppa.

The collection’s first single is the bouncy “Baller Alert,” not to be confused with the popular gossip website. The track features fellow ATLiens T.I. and Migos. Although Chocolate Droppa doesn’t spit any bars on here, he’s really not needed as Tip and Migos do a fine job of bragging and boasting on the track.

In a hilarious interview with E! News, Droppa says he's ready to beef with anyone in the rap game who wants to test him. Or so we think?

"I beef with ones that run from me. I beef with the artists that don't respond to my calls. I beef with the artists that act like I don't exist. I beef with the artists that act like I'm not capable of taking back what's mine. And that's a long list, man," he states.

Elsewhere, Droppa reveals how he got his very unusual rap name.

"You know, people ask me every day, ‘Where did Droppa come from? Where did the name Chocolate Droppa originate from?'" he says. "When I was a kid, I loved Milk Duds. Eat ‘em by the pound. And one day them Duds got to my stomach. Had to make an emergency stop at the bathroom, and, ya know, I dropped off a bunch of little duds."

"One of my friends saw it. He was like, ‘Aw man, you got a little chocolate droppa in there,'" he continued. "And that stuck."

Eww. That's way too much information.

Pooping aside, Kevin Hart plans to release his Chocolate Droppa-hosted mixtape in October. Peep his new track below.

Listen to Chocolate Droppa's "Baller Alert" Feat. T.I. and Migos

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