Regular eye exams should be a part of any back-to-school routine, but the cost can be prohibitive. Now, CNY kids can access free eye exams to get their vision checked.

When a child is struggling in school, a vision problem is often overlooked as an explanation. Sometimes, if eye exams and glasses aren't covered by health insurance, it's something that gets put off in favor of other expenses.

Thanks to a partnership between New York State Education Department, the New York State Optometric Association, VSP Global, and the New York State Society of Opticians, Central New York kids will have the chance to get free eye exams and glasses at participating schools. NYSED is coordinating volunteer optometrists to administer exams and fit students for eyeglasses, if needed.

Last year, volunteer doctors of optometry conducted 152 comprehensive eye exams, and free eyeglasses were provided to students if prescribed. In addition, VSP Global donated Eyes of Hope gift certificates to assist another 250 students with no-cost eye exams and glasses from a local VSP network doctor’s office.

Free eye exams will be provided to students at the schools below. Parents and guardians who would like a child to participate should contact the school directly.

  • Oct. 11 & 12: Keane Elementary School, Schenectady, NY
  • Oct. 15: Camden Elementary School, Camden, NY
  • Oct. 16: RJ McNulty Academy, Amsterdam, NY
  • Oct. 17: Gansevoort Elementary School, Rome, NY
  • Oct. 18: Staley Elementary School, Rome, NY

Did you wear glasses as a child? Do remember when you got them?

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