Strike a deal for your kids with FREE bowling all summer long at this bowling alley in Central New York.

Select bowling alleys across the country are offering free bowling for kids this summer. It's all a part of the Kids Bowl Free program, designed to give communities a safe, secure, and fun alternative for kids to spend their summer.

Boy in a bowling alley holding a red bowling ball

Locally, PINZ Entertainment in the Sangertown Square Mall is participating in the program. Under Kids Bowl Free, families can register their kids for 2 free games a day at the New Hartford location all summer long.

This only adds to the amount of fun things you can now do at the Sangertown Square Mall. PINZ offers fun for the entire family, with a variety of arcade games, bowling, food and drinks everyone can enjoy.

Pinz Entertainment via Facebook
Pinz Entertainment via Facebook

What Else Is There?

You can now suspend your beliefs with Beyond Reality, a virtual reality escape room experience new to the mall. Located right across from Dick's Sporting Goods, your friends and family can help you conquer a variety of different virtual escape rooms. All are made possible through Oculus headsets.


You like baseball? Sign up for some time in the batting cage at Blue Sox Academy. Whether you're training for the upcoming season, or letting out some pent up anger, you can take a crack at a baseball in their batting cages. This is also located across from Dick's Sporting Goods, to the left of Beyond Reality.

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